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Customizes your home water system based on specific water analysis results. We are experts in evaluating your water. We offer a water treatment system that will remove specific contaminants from your water and adapt to the volume of water you need. We offer three residential water conditioning systems.

Which one is right for you depends on the chemicals in your water supply. Knowing whether your water supply contains chlorine, ammonia, trihalomethanes [THM], nitrates or nitrites is essential to determining which system will best suit your needs.

As part of our service we offer a free water analysis test! If you would like more information, contact us today and schedule your free in-home water test.

Silver Gold

Eliminate hard water buildup with our efficient Silver Series water softener.

Gold Plus

Upgrade to clean, chlorine-free water with our Gold Series Water Conditioner.


They remove contaminants from the water we use for drinking and cooking. Our reverse osmosis filters work in unison with our water system refiners. Residential units are typically installed under the kitchen sink.

We offer all sizes of reverse osmosis systems. The popularity of reverse osmosis water systems (RO filter) has grown steadily since they were first introduced as a home water purification system in the 1940s. Additionally, the reverse osmosis process is the type of treated water that bottled water companies use the most.

The reverse osmosis water purification method involves passing water through a semipermeable membrane, which filters a select amount of contaminants from the water, depending on its size. If the contaminants are larger than the size of the water molecules, they are filtered so that only the purest, freshest drinking water remains.

In general, a customized system uses 4 to 10 purification and cleaning stages depending on the customer’s wishes and the quality of the water supplied. Customizable options include: filtration, traditional reverse osmosis, natural mineral replenishment, alkaline water, and additional filtration. You choose the options that are right for you and your drinking water needs.

Each filtration stage has a specific purpose, a typical RO filter consists of the following stages:

Stage 1

Customizable filter

Stage 3

Semi-permeable membrane, produces 75GPD, eliminates all harmful elements such as viruses, bacteria, biological and chemical contaminants to 0.001 microns, allowing only the consumption of pure water molecules.

Stage 2

Multi-stage, triple-layer prefilter, traps particles 5 microns or larger, exceeds industry standards.

Stage 4

Coconut Charcoal Block, 100% Organic Coconut Shell Charcoal, Removes Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, VOCs, Chlorine, Taste and Odor, Exceeds Industry Standards.

Commercial Water System

We design a custom system that can be expanded to fit the needs of your company’s water system. Our systems are already implemented in many businesses ranging from offices to retail, food services, agriculture and many more. Contact us today to have one of our representatives visit your business and review your water treatment options.

Water Processor

The Silver Series is the most basic and is generally considered a water softener. The Gold Series is more versatile and is classified as a Water Conditioner. The Gold Series Plus is the most versatile of all and is a water refiner. All three are unique systems, designed to remove specific contaminants and provide a specific quality of drinking water! Which one is right for you depends on the specific results of the analysis performed at the home’s water inlet point. The technician will recommend which series is best for you. Our water processors ensure that you and your family love the taste of your water. Additionally, our three water processors provide the following benefits: Your dishes shine, glassware and cutlery dry without stains or streaks. Your clothes have brighter colors leaving your clothes clean and soft. You add years to your water heater and efficiency by 30%. You will save drastically on the cost of your cleaning products. Mineral-free water allows your soap to provide greater lather. Your skin feels soft and silky.

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